Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Other Side Of The Leaf?

The Other Side Of The Leaf?

What does that even mean.

The other side of the leaf.  I'm not a bug, if I were I'd have been born knowing what it is and how to get there.

I'm not another leaf, if I were I'm sure I'd be wondering what the other side of that leaf looks like.  Is it better looking than my other side?  Woudl it turn me on?  God I want to lick it, but I don't even have a tongue.

Why do I like to lick things so much?  The fuck if I know.

Back to turning over a new leaf.  I'm not a botanist of any order.  Sounds like a great job but I think I'd suck at it.  I'm not a plant love either.  I do like them, have no beef against them, but don't want to take care of them.

Don't get me wrong, I love Love LOVE looking at them.  But studying them?  I think not.  It would do the world a disservice.  And I've probably done enough of those in my lifetime, real or imagined.

Anyway, regardless of what you may think about it and whether I can accomplish it or not, I am going to try very hard to turn over a new leaf.

All About Me

You want to know all about me?

Where to start.  Let's see, hmmm.

Not there, not here, not anywhere.

I am turning over a new leaf, okay.  No more crap.  No more feeling sorry for myself.  All that crap needs to stop.

With this blog I hope to get to the other side of the leaf.